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A regular piano tuning is essential to the well-being and proper operation of any piano
. And since the piano is probably the most intricate of all musical instruments, it makes regular maintenance even more important. We recommend tuning your piano every six months, minimum once a year.

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SERVICE | ser vice
Assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods: Barbara Martin Piano can provide quality customer service

TUNE | tune |
verb [trans.]
Adjust (a musical instrument) to the correct or uniform pitch: it is important to have a professional tune your piano.

abbreviation [noun}
RPT stands for Registered Piano Technician.

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Barbara Martin's daughter Debbie is an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild. All of the tuners used by Barbara Martin Piano are members of or subscribe to the Piano Technicians Guild "Code of Ethics". You can expect, professional service, with clear and open communication on all aspects of the care and maintenance that your piano requires. Call today for a complete tuning or piano restoration. 317.293.3410

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